Swing for Sports Tournament

Presented by The Bogey Factory

Swing for Sports

The Fine Print...

  1. Tournament dates: 6/8-8/31
  2. Time of Play: Participants can play anytime during The Bogey Factory's normal operating hours *reservation required
  3. Participants: Tournament is open to all ages and skill levels *clubs available for use
  4. Groups: Simulator bays can accommodate groups of up to 4 
  5. Games: Players can choose to compete in Mini Golf, Bullseye Target Golf or both
  6. Rounds: Participants can play as many rounds as they like during the tournament dates

Sign Up & Scoring

  1. Reserve a simulator bay (#1-$5) at https://yourgolfbooking.com/venues/the-bogey-factory/booking/bays
  2. A credit card and $0.50 deposit will be required to complete the reservation
  3. Players will be charged $10 at the door (per hour reserved) 
  4. Participants submit their scores at the course's check-in desk after each round
  5. A leaderboard for each game (Mini Golf and Bullseye) will be posted on site

Championship Round

  1. The top 12 players for each game will be invited to play one final round (no fee) the week of 8/26
  2. In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, a random hole will be chosen as the tie-breaker
  3. Prizes: 
    1. 1st Place - $100 Verona Gift Card + Bogey Factory Shirt or Hat
    2. 2nd Place - $50 Verona Gift Card + Bogey Factory Shirt or Hat
    3. 3rd Place - $25 Verona Gift Card + Bogey Factory Shirt or Hat
    4. Additional prizes for age group winners (12 & Under, Teen, Adult)


  1. Players sign-in on their organization's tracking sheet at check-in
  2. Organizations earn $5/round played on their behalf
  3. Totals will be calculated the week of 8/26 and checks issued the first week in December

Rules and Regulations

  1. Standard mini golf/bullseye rules apply
  2. Any disputes are resolved by Bogey Factory staff
  3. Participants must adhere to sportsmanship standards
  4. Reservation times must be respected
  5. Any form of cheating results in disqualification
  6. The Bogey Factory reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to inappropriate behavior